Copper Jug and 2 Glass Set


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Produced using unadulterated, pure copper.
Hand-created by talented craftsmans.
The set comprises of one container with two tumblers .
An extraordinary method for adding copper treated water in your everyday existence.
Simple to clean and keep up with

Copper is a characteristic enemy of oxidant. It assists with fortifying the resistant framework which prompts quicker recuperating of wounds and cuts. Water put away in a copper container stays cold for broadened hours and the regular enemy of bacterial properties of copper obliterate any microbes or microorganisms present in the water. Likewise, when contrasted with plastic or steel utensils, water put away in copper utensils remains new for longer.

This novel arrangement of copper container and tumblers is extraordinarily made for receiving the rewards of copper charged water. The pounding makes the copper unadulterated and furthermore expands the surface region which implies more copper is in touch with the water.

One normal issue looked while utilizing a copper vessel is the staining. The method for countering that is to routinely wash your copper utensil with lemon and salt or tamarind. To keep away from scratches from ordinary washing materials, utilize an old cotton fabric all things being equal. Additionally, cleaning it dry in the wake of cleaning will assist with keeping up with the sparkle.


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Copper Jug and 2 Glass SetCopper Jug and 2 Glass Set
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