Handmade Copper Water Bottle with Leak Proof Cap


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Copper material solid and pure metal – full of antioxidants and Ayurvedic health properties. Quality by skilled craftsmen. Hand polished; finally coated with drinkable and edible varnish – to maintain luster and prevent tarnishing quickly

  • Made from pure, pure copper.
  •  Made by skilled Indian artisans.
  •   with leak proof lid.
  •  is a great way to start drinking Tamura Jal to help you live a healthy life.
  •  Keeps  water cold all day long.

Just drink a glass of water and you can get rid of all your stomach problems. Yes, water in copper vessels can cure stomach problems without medicine. has been used When water is stored in a container made of copper, trace amounts of copper are absorbed by the water and become charged with copper. Copper dissolved in water is very useful for our body because it is non-toxic. Regular consumption of this water improves the digestive system and breaks down fats.


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Handmade Copper Water Bottle with Leak Proof CapHandmade Copper Water Bottle with Leak Proof Cap
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