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tamravedastore – Double-Sided Kansa Wand is a natural massaging tool that is made of Kansa Metal. Kansa is an alloy of 78% copper & 22% tin. It helps in skin tightening, improves blood circulation, gives relaxation to the body & relieves pain

More Information:
Dimensions: 11×4.6×2.5 cm
Weight: 116 gm
Manufactured by: Medieval Edge
Country of Origin: India

How to use:
1. Wash both hands & then prepare your skin with a facial oil:
Make sure to clean your both hands and face before starting to avoid excessive greying effects on your skin.
Then, apply our Ayurvedic Kumkumadi facial oil to prepare your skin.
2. Start from your third eye chakra in firm circular motions:
Starting on where your third eye chakra rests, work from the center of your forehead and around the eyes. Outward and upward on the cheeks.
Right in the middle of our eyebrows is where the third eye chakra lies accordingly, so it is advised to start from there to stimulate it and activate the Marma points. Then work your way upwards, and to both sides of your forehead – eventually circling around your eye areas.
3. Work on your temple area
Firmly roll the Kansa wand’s dome on your temple and then on the cheek area. Continue this in circular motion on each temple of your face at least seven times.

4. Then your cheek area
From your temple, place the Kansa wand on your cheek just near the bridge of your nose. Control the pressure from gentle, moderate to firm which should depend on your preference and needs. Massage your cheek area upwards leading back to your temple and ending in a quick twitch motion.
During this phase, include the area right above your jaw and around the mouth area.

5. Jawline and then the neck area
After the mouth area, firmly massage your jawline upwards and then going down in downward motions on the both sides of your neck.

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Tamraveda Store Double Side Face Glow Kansa Wand
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